Mobile Patrols

Looking for a great alternative to static security guards?, Then look no further than AGuard Security’s  reputable mobile security patrols you can be sure that our fully licensed guards will act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime and will also offer total security throughout the whole of your premises.

AGuard can offer:
Patrol Vehicles
Site Management
High visibility boards for entrance and exit points
Guards who are Health & Safety trained
Incident Reports
Guards to undertake risk assessment

We understand that visibility is paramount, so our mobile security guards arrive on-site fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle each day. We understand that opportunist criminals often take advantage of larger areas of your site, so with this package AGuard Security’s officers can provide coverage for greater areas at excellent value for money.

Covering open areas with a restricted line of sight such as warehouses and shipping yards as well as schools and parks areas can be too dangerous to monitor on foot, but no task is too much for AGuard Security. Our flexibility and expertise means we can provide an extensively planned mobile security service that is tailored to suit the exact needs of your business.

As one of the UK’s leading security companies we don’t just deliver these services, our mobile security patrols will stop at nothing to protect your business by providing a second to none deterrent against crime in and around your premises. To ensure your business or organisation is completely safeguarded, we can supply mobile security guards that will be specifically allocated to the role you require to guarantee the proficiency of the services that are delivered.

AGuard Security also offers internal mobile security patrols. In this instance the mobile security supervisor is permitted to enter premises with their own set of keys in order to carry out patrols of your building as well as its external perimeter. This ensures all fixtures including doors and windows are locked to provide a deterrent from crime for complete peace of mind once you have left the premises.

Why not hire mobile security patrols with AGuard Security and enjoy a service that considerably lowers your risk to crime with impeccable and efficient security guards that ensure your company is completely safeguarded?

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